Bill Weir from CNN comes to Vanuatu

By Christina Shaw, redVanautu

It seems that international journalists can’t get enough of Vanuatu right now. Hot on the heels of the BBC’s Kate Humble’s visit, Bill Weir from CNN’s Wonderlist has discovered the ‘wonders’ of Vanuatu. In an episode that aired last week, Bill is also mesmerised by the volcano on Tanna and who wouldn’t be?. But he is also intrigued by the culture of the Ni-Vanautu people. He talks about eco-ethno-tourism and how it can play a part in the development of these beautiful island without forgoing the traditional “idilic” life.

At redVanuatu we believe that tourism plays a huge part in improving lives here and aspire to promote tourism projects which belong to Ni-Vanuatu entrepreneurs. Atmosphere Tours (Around Island Tour, Lololima cascade tour and the Cultural Tour), Lelepa Island Tours (Lelepa Island Day tour and Half and full day fishing Tours) and Bellevue Horse ranch (Tropical trail ride) are a few examples of local people running tours to showcase local customs and life.  And of course if you would like the volcano experience we have a day tour to the Tanna volcano or a spectacular helicopter trip to the Ambrym volcanoes.

Bill visited the island of Ra in the far north of Vanuatu in the the Banks group of islands, inspired to go there by a photo of men standing on the rock of Ra. I too have been inspired by that same view from the rock of Ra as you can see from my own photo at the top – I must admit, it doesn’t have quite the same impact as Jimmy Nelson’s! But even my photos of Reef island, with such great subjects didn’t turn out too bad.

Wacht the Vanuatu episode of Wonderlist here:

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