video of travel in Vanuatu

Amazing time-lapse video of Vanuatu

Have a look at some great footage of Vanuatu from a  recent visit by Matthew Vandeputte. Here is a link to the video. It is an amazing place to visit with some spectacular scenery and only 3 hours flight from Australia!

Tanna volcano in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is on Sale with Expedia

Take a look at some of the great deals on offer right now for your holiday in Vanuatu. Click here for details There are some awesome offers on hotels and flights, once you have booked those you can find some great things to do whilst you are here on redVanuatu!

Port Vila tour to the Lololima cascades waterfalls

Newest promotional video for destination Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Tourism Office have just release their latest promotional video. Watch it here and get inspired for an amazing holiday in Vanuatu!

Maggie mastered the Segway in no time.

Port Vila’s newest tour – Vanuatu Jungle Segway

Segways have arrived in Port Vila! These self balancing scooters are the latest fun activity on the tourism scene. The tour runs from a fantastic location up at the Summit Gardens, up the hill from Mele Cascades. As you scoot your way around the purpose built trails you will pass through native bush, sandalwood plantations and The Summit tropical gardens. You will have some amazing views from the top of the escarpment across Mele Bay to Hideaway Island and beyond to Port Vila. Come and try the newest adventure in Port Vila! Book it through redVanuatu

Segway tour passes bougainvillea near Port Vila

Passing the flowers in the Summit Gardens on Segways


Lookout from the Segway tour in Vanuatu

Looking over the Pacific Ocean from the Segway tour

Tanna volcano in Vanuatu

Follow in Ben and Emma’s (sometimes muddy) footstep in Vanuatu

The Beauty and the backpacker visit Vanuatu and have an amazing time. You can too! All the activities Ben and Emma got up to, volcano day tours, buggy rides and so much more, are bookable on redVanuatu. Watch their video here.

Jungle buggy ride near Port Vila

Driving through the jungle in an off road buggy in Vanuatu

Jet boat fun on Port Vila, Vanuatu

Thrilling Jet Boat rides now available on red Vanuatu

Brand new to red, Tropic Thunder jet boats rides are now bookable online via redVanuatu. The prefect tour for our warm weather, expect to get wet when spinning and sliding around Port Vila Harbour.  Fabulous fun with great group discounts available. Click for all the tour details here.

slides and spins on the jet boat in Port Vila

High speed jet boat ride on Port Vila Harbour


Ornate ghost pipefish seen on a dive in Port Vila

Underwater photo competition

During February and March 2016 Big Blue is holding an underwater photo competition. There are some cool prizes up for grabs. It is open for snorkelers as well as divers so anyone has a chance to win! All you have to do is go on a Big Blue dive or snorkel (both of which you can book on redVanuatu), take some photos and email in your best shots. If you don’t have your own underwater camera Big Blue has them for hire. Click here to find out all the details.

Friendly face of a dugong seen diving in Port Vila

Dugong photo taken on a dive with Big Blue Vanuatu

helicopter tours vanuatu

Dreamt of taking the helicopter to the volcano but have no one to go with?

It is one of the most amazing day trip you can do anywhere in the world but with a minimum of 2 people to ensure the flight goes if you are a a lone traveller you can miss out on the trip of a lifetime. One of our customers is coming to Vanuatu in the next few weeks and has his heart set on going but is by himself. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to share a trip on any of the following days please email us: 9th, 11th 12th or 13th December. Check out the tour here

Looking into Volcano on Tour in Vanuatu

Looking down into the larva lake


music festival Port Vila

Vanuatu’s Music festival celebrates 20 years

Fest’Napuan, Vanuatu’s No1 music festival is in its 20th year this year. International and local artists perform for 5 nights. 3 nights are dedicated to contemporary / pop and one each to ‘string band’ and gospel music.  It free so if you are in town from 28th Oct – 1st November come down to Saralana Park in the middle of Port Vila and join in the local entertainment.  Click here for all the details.