Competition to win a holiday in Vanuatu

Fantastic competition – Win a trip to Vanuatu with Billabong Australia

Here a chance to win an awesome trip to Vanuatu for 2 with Billabong Australia. The prize includes return flights from Australia to Port Vila with Air Vanuatu and 5 nights accommodation at the Havannah Resort- one of our favourite resorts here in Vanuatu.  It will be an fantastic trip!! Click here to enter and for further details.


The Laughing Samoans comedy show on in Vanuatu

Comedy Pacific Style

There is a comedy show coming to Port Vila. If you want to get an insight into the Pacific sense of humour then come along to the “Laughing Samoans, Island Time Show”. It is the comedy duos first time in Vanuatu and they will be live at the National Convention Centre on 21st September. Tickets are available at the Brewery Bar and Restaurant opposite Grand Hotel and range from 2,500vt to 6,500vt. Family tickets are available too.

Sweet treats in Pot Vila

A foodies paradise

Vanuatu is not just a visual paradise it is a paradise for your palate as well. This article from Traveller magazine last month suggests places to try in Port Vila. We also recommend the apple tarts from Le Fournil de Vila, the new french bakery in town located in the Tana Russet plaza.

music festival Port Vila

Vanuatu’s Music festival celebrates 20 years

Fest’Napuan, Vanuatu’s No1 music festival is in its 20th year this year. International and local artists perform for 5 nights. 3 nights are dedicated to contemporary / pop and one each to ‘string band’ and gospel music.  It free so if you are in town from 28th Oct – 1st November come down to Saralana Park in the middle of Port Vila and join in the local entertainment.  Click here for all the details.

Sailing and snorkelling tour on the New Zealand built Catamaran Vagabond

Sailing trips back up and running

Skipper Simon has been busy with repairs to his cameraman Vagabond since it sustained some minor damage during Tropical Cyclone Pam. We are now very happy to report that all the repairs are finished and Vagabond is back in the water ready to start sailing tours again from the end of September. you have 2 options, you can either Charter Vagabond for a day exclusively for your family or group or you can join a day sail and snorkel  tour.

Vanuatu sailing tours

Sail Vanuatu’s pristine waters on Catamaran Vagabond

smiling divers in Vanautu

Vanuatu is still smiling

On this beautiful sunny day in Vanuatu, Port Vila is back in the tourism business. Cyclone Pam has had a huge impact on our small island nation. But Port Vila is cleaning up and getting back to a sense of normality. Aid is getting to the outer islands, which were more affected than our capital and less able to help themselves. Port Vila itself has got back up, dusted herself off and is returning to the tropical holiday destination it was before the storm. The trees are getting new leaves and the rest of the gardens are shooting again.


1st time assemblers are allowed off the cruise ship since cyclone Pam

1st time passengers are allowed off the cruise ship since cyclone Pam

As we went to work this morning we saw the Pacific Dawn cruise ship pulling into the port. Tourist are in town, shopping and in the restaurants and the tour operators are back on their feet and a whole range of fun activities are back on offer. The majority of the redVanuatu tours are now back up and running in and around Port Vila.

Coral unaffected by cyclone Pam in Port Vila

Coral near Port Vila unaffected by Cyclone Pam


Big Blue diving and snorkeling is fully functional with dives to wrecks and reefs untouched by the cyclone. Have a look a the video they posted showing the reef after Pam. Lelepa Tours are operating a normal schedule for their island tour and their fishing boats were undamaged by the storm. Buggy rides are all going again. The helicopters were involved in the emergency response but are now taking tourist tours again. Ecotours are running walking, cycling and river kayaking tours as usual. Sea kayaking tours are running from the Beach Bar in Mele village. These are just a few of the tours up and running and waiting for tourists to come and have fun in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is still smiling.

smiling divers in Vanautu

Divers out on the Big Blue dive boat


Best Tours in Vanuatu 2014

Red tours shortlisted for excellence awards

Several of the tour featured on redVanuatu have been announced as finalists for the Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014.

Best Tours in Vanuatu 2014

2014 Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence

Best of luck to Atmosphere Tours, Edge Abseil, Zipline, Vanuatu Helicopters, Ocean Walker and Kayaking Vanuatu. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 7th March. The awards will be presented by Steve Jacobs and Miss Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Tourism Awards 2014

Steve Jacobs will MC at the Vanuatu Tourism Awards


Bill Weir from CNN comes to Vanuatu

By Christina Shaw, redVanautu

It seems that international journalists can’t get enough of Vanuatu right now. Hot on the heels of the BBC’s Kate Humble’s visit, Bill Weir from CNN’s Wonderlist has discovered the ‘wonders’ of Vanuatu. In an episode that aired last week, Bill is also mesmerised by the volcano on Tanna and who wouldn’t be?. But he is also intrigued by the culture of the Ni-Vanautu people. He talks about eco-ethno-tourism and how it can play a part in the development of these beautiful island without forgoing the traditional “idilic” life.

At redVanuatu we believe that tourism plays a huge part in improving lives here and aspire to promote tourism projects which belong to Ni-Vanuatu entrepreneurs. Atmosphere Tours (Around Island Tour, Lololima cascade tour and the Cultural Tour), Lelepa Island Tours (Lelepa Island Day tour and Half and full day fishing Tours) and Bellevue Horse ranch (Tropical trail ride) are a few examples of local people running tours to showcase local customs and life.  And of course if you would like the volcano experience we have a day tour to the Tanna volcano or a spectacular helicopter trip to the Ambrym volcanoes.

Bill visited the island of Ra in the far north of Vanuatu in the the Banks group of islands, inspired to go there by a photo of men standing on the rock of Ra. I too have been inspired by that same view from the rock of Ra as you can see from my own photo at the top – I must admit, it doesn’t have quite the same impact as Jimmy Nelson’s! But even my photos of Reef island, with such great subjects didn’t turn out too bad.

Wacht the Vanuatu episode of Wonderlist here: