Ornate ghost pipefish seen on a dive in Port Vila

Underwater photo competition

During February and March 2016 Big Blue is holding an underwater photo competition. There are some cool prizes up for grabs. It is open for snorkelers as well as divers so anyone has a chance to win! All you have to do is go on a Big Blue dive or snorkel (both of which you can book on redVanuatu), take some photos and email in your best shots. If you don’t have your own underwater camera Big Blue has them for hire. Click here to find out all the details.

Friendly face of a dugong seen diving in Port Vila

Dugong photo taken on a dive with Big Blue Vanuatu

Flying Air Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu flight specials

Planning your easter or winter break? Now is a great time to book. Air Vanuatu has some great deals:

Kids flights are on special for $199 return. Sale ends 29th Jan

And there are specials on 2 adults travelling together. Sale ends 26th Feb

More details at airvanuatu.com

Now you are in your holiday planning mode, don’t forget you can book your transfers and tours online at redVanuatu.com!


Flights from Sydney and Brisbane to Port Vila are on special

Hurry limited seats available!


helicopter tours vanuatu

Dreamt of taking the helicopter to the volcano but have no one to go with?

It is one of the most amazing day trip you can do anywhere in the world but with a minimum of 2 people to ensure the flight goes if you are a a lone traveller you can miss out on the trip of a lifetime. One of our customers is coming to Vanuatu in the next few weeks and has his heart set on going but is by himself. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to share a trip on any of the following days please email us: 9th, 11th 12th or 13th December. Check out the tour here

Looking into Volcano on Tour in Vanuatu

Looking down into the larva lake


Sweet treats in Pot Vila

A foodies paradise

Vanuatu is not just a visual paradise it is a paradise for your palate as well. This article from Traveller magazine last month suggests places to try in Port Vila. We also recommend the apple tarts from Le Fournil de Vila, the new french bakery in town located in the Tana Russet plaza.

music festival Port Vila

Vanuatu’s Music festival celebrates 20 years

Fest’Napuan, Vanuatu’s No1 music festival is in its 20th year this year. International and local artists perform for 5 nights. 3 nights are dedicated to contemporary / pop and one each to ‘string band’ and gospel music.  It free so if you are in town from 28th Oct – 1st November come down to Saralana Park in the middle of Port Vila and join in the local entertainment.  Click here for all the details.

Sailing and snorkelling tour on the New Zealand built Catamaran Vagabond

Sailing trips back up and running

Skipper Simon has been busy with repairs to his cameraman Vagabond since it sustained some minor damage during Tropical Cyclone Pam. We are now very happy to report that all the repairs are finished and Vagabond is back in the water ready to start sailing tours again from the end of September. you have 2 options, you can either Charter Vagabond for a day exclusively for your family or group or you can join a day sail and snorkel  tour.

Vanuatu sailing tours

Sail Vanuatu’s pristine waters on Catamaran Vagabond