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Dreamt of taking the helicopter to the volcano but have no one to go with?

It is one of the most amazing day trip you can do anywhere in the world but with a minimum of 2 people to ensure the flight goes if you are a a lone traveller you can miss out on the trip of a lifetime. One of our customers is coming to Vanuatu in the next few weeks and has his heart set on going but is by himself. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to share a trip on any of the following days please email us: 9th, 11th 12th or 13th December. Check out the tour here

Looking into Volcano on Tour in Vanuatu

Looking down into the larva lake


music festival Port Vila

Vanuatu’s Music festival celebrates 20 years

Fest’Napuan, Vanuatu’s No1 music festival is in its 20th year this year. International and local artists perform for 5 nights. 3 nights are dedicated to contemporary / pop and one each to ‘string band’ and gospel music.  It free so if you are in town from 28th Oct – 1st November come down to Saralana Park in the middle of Port Vila and join in the local entertainment.  Click here for all the details.

smiling divers in Vanautu

Vanuatu is still smiling

On this beautiful sunny day in Vanuatu, Port Vila is back in the tourism business. Cyclone Pam has had a huge impact on our small island nation. But Port Vila is cleaning up and getting back to a sense of normality. Aid is getting to the outer islands, which were more affected than our capital and less able to help themselves. Port Vila itself has got back up, dusted herself off and is returning to the tropical holiday destination it was before the storm. The trees are getting new leaves and the rest of the gardens are shooting again.


1st time assemblers are allowed off the cruise ship since cyclone Pam

1st time passengers are allowed off the cruise ship since cyclone Pam

As we went to work this morning we saw the Pacific Dawn cruise ship pulling into the port. Tourist are in town, shopping and in the restaurants and the tour operators are back on their feet and a whole range of fun activities are back on offer. The majority of the redVanuatu tours are now back up and running in and around Port Vila.

Coral unaffected by cyclone Pam in Port Vila

Coral near Port Vila unaffected by Cyclone Pam


Big Blue diving and snorkeling is fully functional with dives to wrecks and reefs untouched by the cyclone. Have a look a the video they posted showing the reef after Pam. Lelepa Tours are operating a normal schedule for their island tour and their fishing boats were undamaged by the storm. Buggy rides are all going again. The helicopters were involved in the emergency response but are now taking tourist tours again. Ecotours are running walking, cycling and river kayaking tours as usual. Sea kayaking tours are running from the Beach Bar in Mele village. These are just a few of the tours up and running and waiting for tourists to come and have fun in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is still smiling.

smiling divers in Vanautu

Divers out on the Big Blue dive boat


Bookings accepted after March 22

As a result of the destructive activity of cyclone Pam, bookings for tours will not recommence until at least March 22. There is a massive cleanup happening throughout Vanuatu; and especially in Port Vila.

As soon as we are advised by tour operators they are safe to begin taking bookings again; we will make another post here, updating the situation. You can also like our Facebook page to be advised too.

All Vanuatu airports remain closed — see the Air Vanuatu page on Facebook for updated information:


Best Tours in Vanuatu 2014

Red tours shortlisted for excellence awards

Several of the tour featured on redVanuatu have been announced as finalists for the Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014.

Best Tours in Vanuatu 2014

2014 Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence

Best of luck to Atmosphere Tours, Edge Abseil, Zipline, Vanuatu Helicopters, Ocean Walker and Kayaking Vanuatu. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 7th March. The awards will be presented by Steve Jacobs and Miss Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Tourism Awards 2014

Steve Jacobs will MC at the Vanuatu Tourism Awards


Birdman Rally – 26th October 2014

Rotary Club of Port Vila is having its 1st Annual Birdman Rally located on the Seawall downtown.

An opportunity for friends and Family to get together and create their best flying apparatis / invention or even try sticking feathers to your body and go au natural….

The First Birdman Rally ever to be held in Port Vila is scheduled for 26th October 2014. There will be splashes, spills and thrills as local thrill seekers and wanna be aviators  dress to impress and flap to fly – or fall, all in the name of charity.

Watch this space for more information on how to participate and register your team or family ….
Moomba Birdman Rally 2015

Race Day in Port Vila

The Kiwanis Club of Port Vila is hosting their annual race day today (16th August) and there will be plenty to eat and drink trackside. You can enter a number of the local Service Club Tents for a small fee and bet on your favourite throughout the day … This is the only race day of the year so these horses come from everywhere, local farms, Horse riding schools and local horseback riding clubs. A great day out for everyone with all proceeds going back to the local community via the Kiwanis Club of Port Vila… If you’re in town come on down and enjoy yr day with us…


3-7 Sept – Vanuatu Golf Open

 The Vanuatu Golf Open is a Pro-Am which attracts Professionals and Amateurs from many South Pacific Countries.  Amateurs team up with professionals for a week of great golf and and a great time.  If you are interested in playing in the Open, visit their website: www.VanuatuGolfOpen.info 

July 30 – National Independence Day

This is a public holiday