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Family tours and activities in Vanuatu

The number of choices of tours and activities in Vanuatu; and especially in Port Vila the capital have grown a lot over the past 5 years. Families visiting Port Vila for the first time looking to experience something new are spoilt for choice.

children on walking tourThe type of activity or tour you choose will be determined by the age of family members. For younger families we suggest taking a look at some of our cultural tours. Your kids will love interacting with the always friendly local kids and their families. A great example would be the Ecotours Walking Tour; where children under 5 are Free.

Great activity on a wet dayFor the family with school age children, up to teenagers there is something for evriwan (Bislama: meaning everyone). For the adventurous types we suggest you look at the details of the Buggy, Beach, Pizza and Jet Ski tour. You start off around 8:30 in the morning near Mele riding in an automatic buggy for the thrill of a lifetime. This tour lasts for 3 1/2 hours finishing at the Mele Beach for a wood fired pizza for brunch. After the pizza goes down, go for a swim or jump onto a jet ski in Mele Bay or simply enjoy the view across to Hideaway Island.

rsz_1anemomefishFor the family interested in the water there are plenty of hidden treasures under the water in Vanuatu. The whole family could go for an afternoon snorkel safari from 1:00pm until after 3:00pm. There are plenty of fish and colourful coral to see up close. You get picked up from any of the city hotels and taken by boat into the calm waters of Mele Bay; away from the crowds. Fitted with a floatation vest, and assisted with a guide in the water with you at all times. Colourful reefs and fish everywhere.

rsz_-14If you really enjoyed the snorkeling experience in Mele Bay then the step is to try the Oceanwalker tour. A specially designed helmet with all round views is slipped onto your shoulders. All the family walk down a ramp into 3 – 4 meters of water to the specially designed habitat behind Iririki Island. Compressed air keeps the helmet fog clear for an amazing view of fish and coral. You are upright and walking along the bottom for up to 20 minutes, then just as easily walk back up the ramp to be taken back to your hotel. Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera to share the photographs you can’t get anywhere else.

Parasailing tour in vanuatuFor the family who likes some air, try Parasailing for an unforgettable view of Port Vila. This is for the family with older teenage children who may think Vanuatu is for oldies. They will be thrilled with this activity. A purpose built boat takes you out into Mele Bay and slowly winches you safely out to 60 meters above the water for a breathtaking view. Then you are brought back onto the boat without ever touching the water.

ready to zipIf your family prefers a birds eye view of rainforest then you will be thrilled by the zipline tours available. For a 2 hour activity this is hard to beat. Flying through the air high above Mele Village in the treetops. There are 6 ziplines and 2 suspension bridges. During the weeter months there is also a waterfall running through the course too. This is guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping as you zip over ravines and way above the trees with an incredible view to Mele Bay. Remember to bring your camera, and have it well attached with a carry strap.

There are plenty more Things to Do in Vanuatu — check out all our other tours.

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