Looking into Volcano on Tour in Vanuatu

Ambrym volcano is attracting more film makers

Marum volcano on Ambrym is hot! That is perhaps stating the obvious but it’s not just physically hot from all that bubbling larva its hot as in hip, trendy, in vogue, all the rage and happening. Film makers and adventurers are flocking to Marum to see one of only 7 active larva lakes in the world. Last year we saw Kate Humble take BBC viewers into the volcano, and it has been featured on US tv. Here is some more footage from adventurer Sam Cossman’s recent trip to the volcano. He flew up there from Port Vila with pilots Ben and Andy from Vanuatu Helicopter – the very same flight that you too can do. Don’t worry, our guest don’t venture down into the caldera to get as close to the lava as Sam does, we stay at the top where you get a spectacular view and an awesome experience without getting close to those larva bombs.


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