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Dreamt of taking the helicopter to the volcano but have no one to go with?

It is one of the most amazing day trip you can do anywhere in the world but with a minimum of 2 people to ensure the flight goes if you are a a lone traveller you can miss out on the trip of a lifetime. One of our customers is coming to Vanuatu in the next few weeks and has his heart set on going but is by himself. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to share a trip on any of the following days please email us: 9th, 11th 12th or 13th December. Check out the tour here

Looking into Volcano on Tour in Vanuatu

Looking down into the larva lake


Looking into Volcano on Tour in Vanuatu

Ambrym volcano is attracting more film makers

Marum volcano on Ambrym is hot! That is perhaps stating the obvious but it’s not just physically hot from all that bubbling larva its hot as in hip, trendy, in vogue, all the rage and happening. Film makers and adventurers are flocking to Marum to see one of only 7 active larva lakes in the world. Last year we saw Kate Humble take BBC viewers into the volcano, and it has been featured on US tv. Here is some more footage from adventurer Sam Cossman’s recent trip to the volcano. He flew up there from Port Vila with pilots Ben and Andy from Vanuatu Helicopter – the very same flight that you too can do. Don’t worry, our guest don’t venture down into the caldera to get as close to the lava as Sam does, we stay at the top where you get a spectacular view and an awesome experience without getting close to those larva bombs.


Tanna volcano in Vanuatu

Follow in the BBC’s Kate Humble’s footsteps to the vanuatu volcano

Have you seen the great new BBC TV program about Vanuatu’s volcanoes: Kate Humble: Into the Volcano? Quite spectacular footage!


Trips to see the volcanoes top a lot of peoples’ Vanuatu bucket list, both residents and visitors alike. It is a truly uniquely Vanuatu experience. In the first episode of this documentary Kate visits a volcano on the island of Tanna. She says as she stands on the rim of Mt Yasur for the first time “It’s like a fantastic firework display…It’s so beautiful…being in the presence of, just, this extraordinary energy. And you feel it, you do actually feel it”.

Tanna volcano in Vanuatu

Mount Yasur volcano on Tannis island in Vanuatu



Photographing the volcano in Tanna, Vanuatu

Standing on the rim of a Vanuatu volcano

You too can experience the majesty of that same volcano. redVanuatu offers a day trip Tanna to see the volcano, stand on the rim and watch it erupt. Air Taxi takes you on the one-hour flight from Port Vila to the island of Tanna. You then continue your journey to Mt Yasur on the other side of the island by car, passing through villages and Vanuatu bush and emerging out onto the ash plain where you can take in the magnitude of the volcano. The short walk up to the rim from the car park is not strenuous and only takes 10 or so minutes. And there you are, standing on the rim of a volcano looking down in the belly of fire below. Exhilarating!

Day trip to Mt Yasur in Tanna, Vanuatu

One of the most amazing day trips you can do in Vanuatu.

All visitors are accompanied by local guides who know their volcano well: They have been living in it’s shadow all of their lives! They know its moods and will ensure everyone is standing in a safe place to watch the fire show. Active volcanoes in Vanuatu are also monitored closely for their activity level by the geo-hazards department of the Vanuatu government. Currently the volcanoes on Tanna and Ambrym are at a low level of activity and safe to visit. So it’s a good time to follow in Kate’s footsteps and see one of nature’s most impressive sculptures first hand.

Activity in Vanuatu's volcanoes

Status of the volcanoes in Vanuatu from today’s report on the geohazzards website

In the documentary Kate also visited traditional Vanuatu villages and sampled traditional island food. redVanuatu has several tours here on Efate where you can experience the traditional way of life in a Vanuatu village. The Vanuatu cultural tour is a popular choice. Many of the other tours available, such as the walking and cycling tours, will also take you through villages and most have local guides, so where ever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do you can experience the natural warmth and welcoming nature of the Ni-Vanuatu people.


Watch the documentary here and be inspired to visit Mt Yasur

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